Workshop training

Students to acquire an appreciation and basic skills in common fabrication techniques, and familiarize themselves with the structure and function of common chemical engineering equipment items.


Practical workshop instruction and experience includes methods of measurement, jointing & welding, material forming, heat treatment, precision drilling, shaping, turning, etc., with fitting (assembly/dis-assembly). The use of common hand tools, lathes, and drilling & milling equipment will be covered.

Students must earn a Duly performed certificate. The discipline of Chemical Engineering at the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal is not providing workshop training but facilitating the registration at CEBC Welding School. All students are required to either complete the workshop through this training centre or undertake equivalent training through an external company. 

Deadline for submission of letters:
A letter from the company should be handed to the student after completion of the workshop training confirming what has been completed. The duly performed certificate must be submitted to the Administration officer in the discipline of Chemical Engineering within 2 weeks of the start of the subsequent semester as per UKZN sessional dates.

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