Vacation work

Enable candidate chemical engineers to gain an appreciation of a realistic work environment and to consider their studies in context.

The vacation work should consist of at least one of the following fields relevant to chemical engineering: Project planning, Design, Routine analysis, Routine operation, Troubleshooting


  • The assessment for vacation work includes the submission of a technical report on the work conducted. 

  • Letter from the discipline of chemical engineering to be given to companies requesting vacation work opportunities.

  • Vacation work certificate of progress - Students require a certificate of progress from the firm or company concerned, in which the actual working period is stated as well as the duties and responsibilities, and an overall comment about the student's performance, work ethic and professionalism.

  • Vacation work report guidelines

  • Reports are acceptable in terms of scientific method, synthesis, computer use and presentation.
    DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS of vacation work report together with certificate of progress (ELO 10 & 11)
    Strict deadline rules are apply for the submission of vacation work reports. A written report of each student (not a group) must submit to the Administration officer in the discipline of Chemical Engineering within 4 WEEKS of the start of the subsequent semester as per UKZN sessional dates.

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