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The degree of Bachelor of Science in Engineering in the field of Chemical Engineering is an Honour equivalent, professional Bachelors degree that extends over four years. It is offered in the School of Engineering within the College of Agriculture, Engineering and Science. Instruction is through lectures, tutorials and laboratory practicals. Extensive use is made of computers in well-equipped facilities.
  • In the 4-year program, learning shifts progressively from fundamental science at first year/level to applied science and engineering from third level to fourth.
  • 2nd and 3rd year introduces Chemical Engineering science. e.g. the unifying concepts of heat, mass and momentum transfer.
  • 4th year includes reactor technology, distillation and enhanced separation techniques, process modelling and optimisation, as well as major laboratory and design projects.
  • The use of computers (programming and simulation/process design) is important with introductory courses at first and second year and exit level assessments in third and final year courses.
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