Dr Suren Moodley

Dr Moodley's postgraduate years were spent on molecular simulations of fluid phase equilibrium (supervised by Prof. D. Ramjugernath and Prof. K. Bolton [University of Borås, Sweden]).

For his Masters he performed the first binary three-phase fluid coexistence simulations. In his Doctoral years, a different approach was used for modeling van der Waals (non-bonded) intermolecular forces in coexisting fluid phases (the first study of its kind).

He also displayed the temperature dependence of the two-body intermolecular potential between unlike molecules, and developed a simple method (using a limited number of experimental points) for establishing the T-dependence. A simple mathematical model describing the unlike-potential energy was also proposed.
Quote:   "Eagles may soar, but weasels don't get sucked into jet engines."
Position:   Lecturer and Researcher

MSc (Eng) 
BSc (Eng) 
Discipline:   Chemical Engineering
Campus:   Howard College
 Email:   moodleys10@ukzn.ac.za
Research Areas:

  Molecular simulation
Statistical mechanics
Recent Publications:

  Suren Moodley, Kim Bolton, Deresh Ramjugernath, “Optimum phase-dependent energy cross-parameters in binary two-phase Lennard-Jones fluid systems”, in preparation. [based on PhD thesis].

Prabir Nandi, Suren Moodley, Deresh Ramjugernath, “Isothermal vapor-liquid equilibrium of R170 + n-perfluorooctane at (308 to 338) K: measurement, equation of state modelling, and molecular simulation”, Fluid Phase Equilibrium, accepted for publication.

Suren Moodley, Kim Bolton, Deresh Ramjugernath, “Temperature-dependence of the optimum Lennard-Jones energy cross-parameter: A Monte Carlo study”, submitted for review. [based on PhD thesis].

Suren Moodley, Erik Johansson, Kim Bolton, Deresh Ramjugernath, “Phase-dependent energy cross-parameters in a monatomic binary fluid system”, Molecular Simulation, Volume 38(10), 838 (2012) [based on PhD thesis].

Suren Moodley, Kim Bolton, Deresh Ramjugernath, “Monte Carlo simulations of vapor-liquid-liquid equilibrium of some ternary petrochemical mixtures”, Fluid Phase Equilibria, Volume 299(1), 24 (2010) [based on MScEng thesis].

Suren Moodley, Erik Johansson, Kim Bolton, Deresh Ramjugernath, “Gibbs ensemble Monte Carlo simulations of binary vapour-liquid-liquid equilibrium: application to n-hexane-water and ethane-ethanol systems”, Molecular Simulation 36(10), 758 (2010) [based on MScEng thesis].

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