Professor Randhir Rawatlal

Professor Rawatlal is the Academic Leader for Chemical Engineering.

His interests lie in both teaching and research, involving mathematical modelling of reaction systems and  unsteady state systems.

These topics are both applied and theoretical in nature, with fundamental contributions having been made in Population Balance theory. Both have applications in catalysed polymerization systems, the bioleaching of sulphide ores, bubble columns, hydrogen fuel cells and even students. In the latter, students are the particles and the reactor is the curriculum!

New areas of interest include: Artificial Intelligence and Big Data.
Quote:   “There is no merit in my honesty since it is only the accuracy that comes from the training of the sciences.”
  Academic Leader Higher Degrees and Research
BSc (Eng)
Discipline:   Chemical
Campus:   Howard College
  031 260 2156
Recent Publications:   McCoy, J. & Rawatlal, R. Analysis of experimental activity profiles for slurry-phase polymerisation of ethylene by Ziegler-Natta catalysts, to be submitted to Macromolecular Reaction Engineering, September 2012.

Kotsiopoulos A, G.S. Hansford, R. Rawatlal, “An Investigation into the Dynamic Behaviour of Chalcopyrite Bioleaching”, AIChE J, 56, October 2010.

Rawatlal R., M. Starzak. Unsteady State Residence Time Distribution in Perfectly Mixed Vessels, AIChE J., 48, pp 471 (2003).


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