Professor Michael Mulholland

After 5 years in industry, Prof Mulholland returned to the University of Natal in 1982, retiring from UKZN in 2012. Teaching has included Process Control, Design, Reactor Technology and Transfer Processes. Research is in the general area of Process Systems Engineering, seeking novel computer methods for optimisation, operation, identification and design of chemical processes. Current research includes predictive control of hybrid systems, with applications in water distribution network identification and operation.
Quote:   "There’s nothing as exciting as seeing computers doing non-intuitive and complicated tasks more precisely and quickly than could ever be achieved by humans."
 Position:   Professor Emeritus

BSc (Eng)
Pr Eng
Discipline:   Chemical Engineering
Campus:   Howard College
Telephone:   031 260 3123
Recent Publications:

  Mulholland M, Purdon A, Latifi MA, Brouckaert CJ and Buckley CAB (2013), “Leak identification in a water distribution network using sparse flow measurements”, Computer-Aided Chemical Engineering 32, 703-708.

Mulholland M, Latifi MA, Purdon A, Buckley CAB and Brouckaert CJ (2013), “Multi-objective optimisation of the operation of a water distribution network”, Computer-Aided Chemical Engineering 32, 709-714.

Mulholland M and Latifi MA (2009), “Predictive control of pressure swing adsorption”, AT&P Journal PLUS 2, ISSN 1336-5010, 43-50.

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