Professor Indresan Govender

 Indresan Govender  
Indresan Govender is Professor of Particle Technology & Mineral Processing, and Research Director of the Positron Imaging Laboratory at iThemba LABS – the only industrial positron imaging laboratory in the southern hemisphere.

He currently serves as an executive member of the Global Comminution Collaborative (GCC), International Comminution Research Association (ICRA), Minerals to Metals Signature Theme (MtM), Centre for Minerals Research (CMR), and the Centre for Research in Computational and Applied Mechanics (CERECAM).

He has produced over 50 publications in international journals and refereed conference proceedings, given as many talks at conferences and workshops, and raised more than 15 million Rand in research funding from industry and the NRF. He has 16 years of lecturing experience and has successfully supervised 28 postgraduate students, with a current cohort of 8 PhD’s, 2 MSc’s, 2 postdoctoral fellows and a Research Officer.

 Quote:   "Only the blissfully ignorant, profusely pompous or wisest of the wise dare to share personal quotes".
Position:   Professor and Researcher

Hons (Physics)
HDE (Maths, Physics)
BSc (Maths, Physics)
Discipline:   Chemical Engineering
Campus:   Howard College
Telephone:   031 260 3727
Recent Publications:

  AJ Morrison, I Govender, AN Mainza, DJ Parker (2016). The shape and behavior of a granular bed in a rotating drum using eulerian flow fields obtained from PEPT. Chemical Engineering Science (Accepted Manuscript).

I. Govender. Granular flow in rotating drums: A rheological perspective (2016). Minerals Engineering. 92, 168-175.

Lawrence Sidney Bbosa, Indresan Govender, Aubrey Mainza (2016). Development of a novel methodology to determine mill power draw. International Journal of Mineral Processing, 149, 94-103.

GB Tupper, I Govender, DN De Klerk, MC Richter, AN Mainza (2016). Testing of a new dynamic Ergun equation for transport with positron emission particle tracking. AIChE Journal, 62(3), 939-948.

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