Professor Deresh Ramjugernath

Professor Ramjugernath is the DST/NRF South African Research Chair for Fluorine Process Engineering and Separation Technology and Director of the Thermodynamics Research Unit.

Over the past 10 years, he has successfully graduated more than 60 Masters and PhD students and is currently supervising or co-supervising over 30 postgraduate and post-doctoral students. Together with his team of researchers, he has produced more than 250 conference and journal papers.

Professor Ramjugernath is also passionate about human capacity development and is a strong believer in a collaborative approach to research capacity development. He has had a number of research bi-lateral agreements for the exchange and training of students and researchers with research groups based in several other countries.
Quote:   "Lead by example."

  Pro Vice-Chancellor: Innovation, Commercialization and Entrepreneurship
Professor of Chemical Engineering
  PhD (Eng)
BSc (Eng)
Achievements:   Inducted as a Fellow of the South African Academy of Engineers in 2013
South African Institute of Chemical Engineers Innovation Award in 2013
South African Institute of Chemical Engineers Gold Medal in 2013
Awarded Honorary Professorship from Durban University of Technology in 2012
Inducted as a member of the Academy of Sciences of South Africa in 2012
Top 30 Published Researchers at UKZN from 2010 to 2013
UKZN Vice-Chancellors Research Award in 2010
National Science and Technology Forum Awards in 2006 and 2010
National Research Foundation President’s Award in 2005
Discipline:   Chemical Engineering
Campus:   Howard College
Telephone:   031 260 3128
Research Areas:

  Specialisation: Thermodynamics / Separation
High pressure vapour-liquid equilibria; Low pressure vapour-liquid equilibria; Differential Ebulliometry; Liquid-liquid equilibria; Separation technology; Phase equilibria with chemical reaction; Pyrolysis; High temperature thermodynamics; Fluorine Chemistry and Process Engineering; Chemical thermodynamics; Essential oil extraction and purification; Gas hydrate separation; High pressure plasma reactors
Recent Publications:

  Lebouvier, A., S.A. Iwarere, D. Ramjugernath, L. Fulcheri, “3D magnetohydrodynamic modelling of a dc low-current plasma arc batch reactor at very high pressure in helium”, Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 46, 145203 (12pp), 2013.

Pelczarska, A., D. Ramjugernath, J. Rarey, U. Domanska, “Prediction of the solubility of selected pharmaceuticals in water and alcohols with a group contribution method”, J. Chem. Thermo., 62, 118-129, 2013.

Lebouvier, A., S. Iwarere, D. Ramjugernath, L. Fulcheri, P. D’Argenlieu, “Assessment of Carbon Dioxide Dissociation as a New Route for Syngas Production: A Comparative Review and Potential of Plasma-Based Technologies”, Energy and Fuels, 27, 2712-2722, 2013.

Eslamimanesh, A., A.H. Mohammadi, D.Richon,P. Naidoo, and D. Ramjugernath, ‘Application of Gas Hydrate Formation in Separation Processes: A Review of Experimental Studies”, J. Chem. Thermo., 46, 62-71, 2012.

Lokhat, D., D. Ramjugernath, M. Starzak, “Kinetics of the gas-phase non-catalytic oxidation of hexafluoropropene”,Ind. Eng. Chem. Res., 51, 13961-13972, 2012.

In addition to the more than 180 ISI journal publications, I have authored or co-authored over 230 conference papers, and 4 chapters in books. Inventor or co-inventor on 4 patents which have been registered or provisionally filed.
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