Dr David Lokhat

Professor David Lokhat is the Academic Leader for Chemical Engineering at UKZN. He is also the head of the Reactor Technology Research Group within the School of Engineering. His research interests are in catalysis and chemical reaction engineering, specifically process intensification in reactor technology with a focus on the development and application of advanced materials for more efficient and environmentally benign reaction and separation systems

He was a previous recipient of the South African Institution of Chemical Engineers (SAIChE) Innovation award and is a Royal Academy of Engineering Leaders in Innovation Fellow. He also serves as President of SAIChE and is a rated scientist with the National Research Foundation of South Africa.

Quote:   “The length of a man’s journey is measured by the quality of his company.”
Associate Professor

  BSc Eng (UKZN)
MSc Eng (UKZN)
Discipline:   Chemical Engineering
Campus:   Howard College
Telephone:   031 260 1897
Research Areas:    Chemical Reaction Engineering
Reactor Technology
Process Intensification
Recent Publications:   Peng, W.L., Mohd-Nasir, H., Mohd Setapar, S.H., Ahmad, A. and Lokhat, D., “Optimization of process variables using response surface methodology for tocopherol extraction from Roselle seed oil by supercritical carbon dioxide”, Industrial Crops and Products. 143 (2020) 111886

Moodley, S. and Lokhat, D., “A critical analysis of the hot-wire technique for thermal conductivity measurements of thermal nanofluids”, Chemical Engineering Transactions. 76 (2019) 241 – 246.

Lokhat, D. and Carsky M., “Direct coal liquefaction using iron carbonyl powder catalyst”, Chemical Engineering and Technology. 42 (2019) 818-826.

Lokhat, D., Singh, A., Starzak, M. and Ramjugernath, D., “Design of a continuous gas-phase process for the production of hexafluoropropene oxide”, Chemical Engineering Research and Design 119 (2017) 93-100.

Lokhat, D., Domah, A.K., Padayachee, K., Baboolal, A. and Ramjugernath, D., “Gas-liquid mass transfer in a falling film microreactor: Effect of reactor orientation on liquid-side mass transfer coefficient”, Chemical Engineering Science 155 (2016) 38-44.
Website:    Leadership in Innovation Fellowship (LIF) profile

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