Mr Chris Brouckaert

Mr Brouckaert joined the Pollution Research Group in 1990 and holds a BSc in Chemical Engineering.

Prior to joining Group he was lecturer in Chemical Engineering, University of KwaZulu-Natal.

His areas of expertise include the Computational Fluid Dynamic modeling of water and wastewater treatment processes; modeling and application of membrane processes (reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, ultrafiltration and microfiltration) to industrial wastewater treatment, including laboratory-scale and pilot-scale tests and interpretation of the results; and modeling of atmospheric dispersion.
Quote:   "Life is to intricate to be summarized by a personal quote."
Position:   Researcher
  BSc (Chemical Engineering)
Discipline:   Chemical Engineering
Campus:   Howard College
Telephone:   031 260 1129
Recent Publications:

  Brouckaert CJ, Foxon KM and Wood K, (2013) Modelling the filling rate of pit latrines, WaterSA 39(4) 555-561.

Mhlanga FT and Brouckaert CJ (2013), Characterisation of wastewater for modelling of wastewater treatment plants receiving industrial effluent, WaterSA 39(3) 403-407.

Westergreen S, Brouckaert CJ and Foxon KM, (2012), Modelling of ionic interactions with wastewater treatment biomass, Water Science and Technology, 65(6) 1014-1020.

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