Professor Bruce Sithole

Professor Sithole is the Director at Forestry & Forest Products Research Centre, a joint venture between UKZN and CSIR. He is an Honorary Professor and NRF rated scientist.

His research activities lie in Integrated Forest Products Biorefinery. His research contributes to the revitalization and resilience of the pulp and paper industry by diversifying into biorefinery activities, that will add more value to the bottom lines of the mills.
  "Let us conduct research to broaden our minds and for the betterment of society. Biorefinery research activities offer opportunities for both objectives."
Position:   Professor and Researcher

BSc (Hons)
Discipline:   Chemical Engineering
Campus:   Howard College
Telephone:   031 260 1674
Research Areas:   Integrated Forest Products Biorefinery
Recent Publications:

  B. B Sithole, A. M. Azeez, D. Ramjugernath, 2014. A New Method for the Analysis of Soluble and Insoluble Oxalate in Pulp and Paper Matrices, J. WOOD CHEM. TECH., 34:1, 55-66.

B.B. Sithole and C. Watanabe, 2013. A study of polymerization of aspen (Populus) wood lipophilic extractives by SEC and Py-GC/MS, APPITA JOURNAL, 66(1): 59-65.

B. B. Sithole, C. Watanabe, 2013. Using Py-GC/MS to detect and measure silicone defoamers in pulp fibres and mill deposits, J. ANAL. APPL. PYROLYSIS. 103:8-16.

B.B. Sithole, J. Pimentel, S. Gibbons, and C. Watanabe 2012. Using Py-GC/MS to troubleshoot toxicity problems in mill effluents, J. ENV. MONITORING, 2012, 14, 2729.

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