Professor Amir Hossein Mohammadi

Professor Mohammadi’s research explores: “Thermodynamics, Gas Hydrates and Petroleum Engineering”.

He holds a PhD in Petroleum Engineering and a DSc/Habilitation in Chemical Engineering.

Position:   Professor and Researcher

  Habilitation/DSc (Chem Eng)
PhD (Pet Eng)
MPhil (Pet Eng)
MSc (Chem Eng)
BSc (Chem Eng)
Discipline:   Chemical Engineering
Campus:   Howard College
Research Areas:

Gas Hydrates 
Petroleum Engineering
Recent Publications:

  Najibi H., Kamalia Z., Mohammadi A.H. Phase Equilibria of Carbon Dioxide Clathrate Hydrates in the Presence of Methanol / Ethylene Glycol + Single Salt Aqueous Solution: Experimental Measurement and Prediction. Fluid Phase Equilib., 2013, 342, 71-74.

Fazlali A., Nikookar M., Agha-Aminiha A.R., Mohammadi A.H. Prediction of Minimum Miscibility Pressure in Oil Reservoirs Using a Modified SAFT Equation of State. Fuel, 2013, 108, 675–681.

Kondori J., Javanmardi J., Eslamimanesh A., Mohammadi A.H., Thermodynamic Consistency Test for Isobaric Experimental Data of Water Content of Methane. Fluid Phase Equilib., 2013, 347, 54–61.

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